Peach, white & grey colour scheme made for great photography

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Penny and Chris decided that their wedding should be in France so over 1 year ago they booked the Luxury Weddings France venue at Bellevue, Birac in the Charente. I met them in February and found them to be a fun couple. Penny was clearly in charge of the arrangement planning and Chris was obviously one of lifes chilled individuals and they made a great couple. We took a few photographs at the time and they looked great and I couldn't wait to see them dressed up on their wedding day.












Fast forward to August and I arrived at the venue to find guests chilling and drinking champagne, not a bad way to start the day. I went to see Penny and she along with the bridesmaids were drinking champagne too, they were all so relaxed. Lots of giggles and laughter which was a good sign. Gemma Welch had arrived and had already started on the long line for hair and makeup so we all just chatted and talked about the day ahead. Some photographs were taken of the details and the group and then I went to find Chris and the three best men, yes three. They were already dressed and drinking beer, the Bellevue bar had provided a jug of it and it seemed to be going down well.

Penny & Chris Wedding-16Penny & Chris Wedding-16

We chatted and I found this to be a fun group not phased at all about the day ahead. We took some fun images of them messing around in front of the mirror and then I went to check out the marque. 

Penny & Chris Wedding-23Penny & Chris Wedding-23

The marque looked great. All decked out in peach and white. Jam jars wrapped in hessian and adorned with peach gerbera flowers and white gypsophila were really pretty, all provided by Mary Devereaux, peach lacy bows on chairs, and peach napkins and crystals on the tablecloths, I really liked it, sort of simple and fairy like but really pretty.

Penny & Chris Wedding-71Penny & Chris Wedding-71











Then back to Penny who was having her hair and makeup done. After a while it was dress on time so made myself scare whist she dressed. 10 minutes later I was back to photograph the final stages of Penny getting ready, she loved fabulous. She made some final checks and emerged in her lovely fishtail gown, and along with the bridesmaids in peach and flower girls in white they together made for a good photograph. Arm in arm Penny and her dad Chris headed off to the ceremony.

The sky remained blue but at times it threatened to rain. The forecast said rain showers at 3pm and just at the end it started to shower the wedding party so the parasols were sourced and the Bellevue staff held them high during the end of the ceremony but it soon passed over.

Penny & Chris Wedding-151Penny & Chris Wedding-151

The ceremony was lovely as Ron the celebrant did a good job as ever. I like Ron he always remembers to let the photographer get the important shot. Afterwards the groomsmen and bridesmaids coupled up and made for a lovely photograph as they followed the bride and groom in search of the champagne celebration.

Penny & Chris Wedding-193Penny & Chris Wedding-193


The afternoon seemed to quickly pass as friends and family got reacquainted and celebrated the wedding together. After a quiet period I needed to record the formal groups Penny and Chris requested so we gathered the guests and completed the formal photography.

Penny & Chris Wedding-267Penny & Chris Wedding-267











Then some time later I whisked Penny and Chris off for some quiet time and a chance to photograph the two of them in a relaxed environment. The green of the vines and corn provided an ideal contrast to the grey suit and white gown and made for a great backdrop.  As did the gentle shade of the tree lined avenue leading up to Bellevue where we also captured some nice images of Penny and Chris. So photographs complete and with the reception due in 30 minutes we headed back to the guests.

Penny & Chris Wedding-239Penny & Chris Wedding-239











The reception was a fun affair, lots of speeches, laughter and tears then afterwards the party really go going with the DJ working his magic in the hall. The first dance, the croquembouche, dancing to Motown all followed and I left around 10pm but not before the last moonlit photograph was taken through the large wrought iron gates of the guests chilling in the still evening.

Penny & Chris Wedding-537Penny & Chris Wedding-537



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