My Lambretta TV/2 175 was recently sold

She is a 1960 model, was registered 1961 and restored in Italy in 2005. She was in an Italian collection until I purchased her in December 2016. The engine was fully refurbished by a UK specialist in 2019.

This is a lovely scooter in excellent condition and even has the anti noise paint applied which you rarely see nowadays.

Frame number: 175TV2-207XXX which is a 1960 frame.
Engine: 175TV2- 109XXX rebuilt in the UK to original specification.

Told by previous collector the scooter was restored in 2005 ( by Tutto Lambretta possibly?) prior to FMI registration. The FMI photographs and FMI registration appears to evidence this.

Manufactured March 1960 ( pre horn cover change, pre splash plate fixing change etc).
First registered in Italy 6/3/1961 to Michele Dalpossy
22/4/1967 registered to Giovani Bartolotti
30/4/2005 FMI (Italian Historic Register) Registered
27/10/2005 a number of photographs record the finished restoration?
31/3/2008 FMI certification
31/3/2008 registered to Luciano Valli
9/3/2015 FMI registration certificate
17/6/2016 registered to Route da Sogno (Classic car and motorcycle collection)
29/12/2016 purchased by me
2/2/2017 exported to France
FFVE registered (France) 19/12/2017
Registered in France 8/3/2018 Vehicle de collection.
Service History 9/3/61, 21/4/62, 14/8/62, 29/11/63, 01/65, 05/67, 11/67, 07/68, 01/70
Tirieno Blue 8028, complete with black textured anti noise paint to rear mudguard, 1/2 cylinder cowling, under leg-shields, rear foot boards and side panels.
Original Italian Owners Papers - registration document and maintenance guide (see photos).

Work undertaken by me or garage:
Engine stripped, vapour blasted and rebuilt with new parts as required, and tested by Swiss Tony's Garage.
New wiring harness fitted to suit 4 pole 6V with correct vintage battery
New correct ignition switch, coil, headlamp connector, battery, horn, plug and correct handlebar switch.
Numerous fixings replaced with stainless steel fixings.
Leg-shield and runner boards have new stainless steel fixings.
Rectifier and brake switch protector rubber covers were perished so replaced.
New correct TV running in sticker
All electrics checked, they work correctly including the parking lights.
Flushed out fuel tank and cleaned carburetor.
Oil change and lubrication.
Clean and polish.
Ridden around the block, all works as it should.

Work needed to make it perfect
There are some paint that has chipped off which I have touched up, you may not spot it as its minor. It has new type coil as the old failed which for the purist needs changing but all the fixings are correct including felt and copper bar.
Lambretta TV175/2