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Classic car lovers converged on Chalais in September as part of the Ralleye International de Charente. From the exotic to the simple there were classic and vintage cars of all types and ages. But rather than simply photograph the cars I wanted to photograph the owners and and their cars. So this gallery is an answer to the question, what do classic car people do at a classic car rally?
Chalais Ralleye-6325Chalais Ralleye-6329Chalais Ralleye-6330Chalais Ralleye-6332Chalais Ralleye-6333Chalais Ralleye-6334Chalais Ralleye-6335Chalais Ralleye-6336Chalais Ralleye-6337Chalais Ralleye-6338Chalais Ralleye-6339Chalais Ralleye-6341Chalais Ralleye-6342Chalais Ralleye-6345Chalais Ralleye-6347Chalais Ralleye-6348Chalais Ralleye-6349Chalais Ralleye-6352Chalais Ralleye-6354Chalais Ralleye-6355