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Here you will find some of my favourite images of people meeting, working, celebrating, having fun or just chilling.
Chateau Lauzanac, Eymet. Kay Family Holiday-1690Cook Family Holiday-5449Chalais Ralleye-6325Chateau Lauzanac, Eymet. Kay Family Holiday-1803Chalais Ralleye-6384IMG_5506-9Cook Family Holiday-5602IMG_6729-31Fraser Holiday-8140Fraser Holiday-8629IMG_8087-1IMG_8892-1IMG_8921-16NCP_2013_08_01_2643aRoyal Enfield (4 of 4) - 7200Saint Aulaye Felibree 5D3_4237-31Saint Aulaye Felibree 5D3_4252-43St Aquilin Classic Cars-3Steampunk Weekend Lincoln-5830Steampunk Weekend Lincoln-5867