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Welcome to Neil Cooling Photography. I aim to produce stunning wedding photographs that are natural and beautiful. My style is relaxed and fun adopting a contemporary documentary style with some classical and fine art type images added.
I also undertake Lifestyle and Travel photography.
Here are a small sample of my photography work. I hope you enjoy them and if so please select an appropriate gallery to see more.
Sharon & Tony Wedding-2962Jo & Lewis Wedding-181856Julian & Chelsea's Wedding, La Manoir du Bout du Pont  (52 of 406) - 9392Pete & Leyla's Wedding, Chateau la Valouze 116-198885Amy & Sam Wedding-2190Emily & Henry's Wedding Villebois-Lavalette  (680-5D190262dChateau de Fayolle Charlotte & Chris' Wedding (376 of 400) - 9656Hannah & Peter Wedding-181522Jame & Gair Wedding-185153Rosie & Alex Wedding-7713Anoushka & Michael Wedding-0791Whitby-1213Royan Luna Park-0392Mechers sur Gironde-2188-2Bordeaux -7310016Bordeaux -8010022Whitby-1244-2Cognac Streets (12 of 12) - 0323Glasgow Streets-0500Angouleme-9240003-2